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Plate made of cheap human hair wigs always feels temperament is based, but in addition to hair than long hair, short hair plate made of hair also can Oh! 2014 share of people below the popular girls hair trends, short hair plate made of cheap human hair extensions was thin and very easy to teach your witty. Step1: First, short hair flat down, the hair is divided into two parts, then the hair on both sides of the temple near each pick out a small twist, remember ear before leaving a bunch of hair good shape Japanese feeling. Step2: Next, then grabbed the temple square of hair, tied into a ponytail look, then tied with a rubber band, pull the rubber band to the back of the more the better, so shaped by natural bulkiness and more natural. After rubber band holds the entire ponytail Zafar an arc shape and looks very Punta very high position: Step3. Then clamps to live, the same will roll into horsetail, horsetail not there to let fall down, but also in fixed inside a small clip. Step4: Finally, separate the hair beneath the rear of a small bunch of hair twisting process, in a clockwise or counterclockwise twisting this way and then on the rest of the hair twist to center it can be fixed with a clip. Complete results Picture: last matched with a blue headband, basically completed, the entire short hair plate made of hair design, are based mainly fluffy short hair, and the 100 human hair extensions on the steps of the entire disc is very simple and very fast so MM are at the same time enjoy the cool hairstyle, one second quick temperament plate made very easy.

No matter what hairstyle popular era, Liu has been a large proportion, which determines the human hair wig style. Whichever round wave blowing hair, bangs style can be timely corrected. And may face a disadvantage of correction, head bones and fat content of the question. Balance Balance hairstyle before and after. Design bangs can proceed from the following aspects: 1. face on the narrow --- bangs can be trimmed to m-type lines, some of the amount of sense to heavy. --- Face wide short bangs can be trimmed to within the arc, the amount of sense to be more gentle. 2. ----- high forehead bangs partition you want to end these lines in a zigzag. ----- Bottom forehead bangs can cut short a curved or asymmetrical, so that forehead high. ----- Flat forehead bangs can cut curved, region higher. ----- Convex forehead bangs can be cut flush with the lines. 3. ----- eyes big bangs can be cut into irregular streamlined, or flat to highlight the beauty of the eyes. Eyes, bangs can be cut into small ----- Lightning geometric lines. Note 1. When the amount of fat and more trim, erect hair piece to be used to trim to make it soft. Thin amount of fat to trim the horizontal hair piece. Mao flow ring true to use potions to correct human hair lace front wigs flow, and secondly to set the texture smooth hair streams and lines, so that human hair lace front wigs flow does not affect the fringe effect. 2. parietal flat tip related to the size of the partition line of reference shaped, flat to make this area into a triangle appears to tip some tip to draw arc, it seems that some level.

American Beauty brand Chanticleer Year CHB force, CHBPROPERFECTCURL curls artifact technology upgrade, not only the world's most advanced automatic hot core technology, also matching express heating systems, but also increased the ultimate hair repair. CHB original nano tourmaline ceramic panel, has become the world's major brands curlers lift model, its instant heat evenly distributed heat at the same time, 360-degree circle, and gradually improve the hair protein structure, create the perfect curl and effectively repair show hair. No tangles sensor development, and promote the progress of CHB automatic curlers, truly smooth ride not clip hair curls Technology. And its intelligent volume to function, perm temperature regulation, hot roll time control, is the key technology DIY hair, at least 300 million women in the world of personal creative hairstyle essential tools. Traditional human hair for braiding curlers bad design, and CHB have naturally wavy hair curlers, soft curls, three classical trendy hairstyles, various DIY mix changes. Furthermore, CHB curlers through the system set temperature, time, direction, let curls design full control. Even more amazing is that, CHB curly human hair wigs for white women has natural perfect balance of heating design, not to hurt the hair design, human anti-hot face design, intelligent design safety against electric shock, fully automated system design, no tangles do not pull human hair wig not clip hair sensor design and over 10 years of life and many other innovative design, absolutely the end of the traditional curls tools.

Brigitte Bardot style header messy wet and wavy human hair showing natural effects, exudes lazy and sexy atmosphere. 60s designer Mary Quant was the trend of the top figures, he designed the first actress Brigitte soft and shiny big curly cheap human hair lace front wigs, the charming and enchanting Brigitte fully bring out. Build steps: Step1: use cheap human hair weave sticks to the tail roll into large volumes. Good volume, the use comb hair, make the hair look more natural. Step2: In separate the part of the head hair, hair volume can decide according to their own face and style. Then in the sub-division of hair out again from the bottom of a small part, these human lace front wigs should be combed down, so make the hair look full number. Here we must pay attention to it! Appropriate inverted comb will not cause too much damage to the hair Oh! When inverted comb comb from the scalp out recently about two centimeters is appropriate, not too hard, otherwise the hair will tie. Step3: comb gently comb hair back, let your head looks supple and tidy. Step4: In the back of the head hair fixed, so that the hair to maintain a graceful arc. Step5: Remove a small portion of hair from both side of the head, respectively. In the same way and intensity, after the completion of your hair will become like it! It looks very messy? It does not matter, you are away from the beauty of Brigitte Bardot hairstyle only a step away. Step6: with a small tuft of hair clips to both fixed before fixing good cheap human hair wigs. Some cast on the cheap human hair extensions mousse or spray hairspray, sex kitten Brigitte Bardot classic hairstyle completed it!